Welcome at ZONTA

Foreword by the President

Since June 2018 I have been proud and honored to serve as president of the Feldbach Zonta Club, following in the footsteps of my mentor, sponsor and friend, Marianne.  I look forward to the new and exciting responsibilities, challenges, encounters and insights that the office offers in various social matters.  The club spirit, friendship and common purpose are of great importance to me, and I want to invite my colleagues to share their points of view with me and explain their ideas so that we can live our common Zonta philosophy together.

My predecessors in the office of president were able to implement various projects, both on the regional and international levels. In thankfulness for those initiatives, I also want to continue our commitment to social support for women by women.  It begins with essentials--a roof over the head, enough money to survive and a life free from fear and violence. I want to devote my energies to the prevention of the still all too pervasive violence against women. Any violation of the physical and emotional integrity of women must be energetically resisted.

Unfortunately, even today it is still the case that the number of women seeking help is rising. For that reason, I see a continued need for our activities that provide direct, unbureaucratic help. Through our joint efforts and the networks at our disposal, we can provide such women with hope and new perspectives, and so help them a little
to improve their life situations.


Even though we have already accomplished much in the last years, I see much that still needs doing in order to ensure that, in the future, girls and women can live free and secure with the respect and appreciation that they deserve.


Maria Titz