Women's lives - life value

The project "Women's lives - life value" sees itself as a social project by women for women in the district Feldbach, or the catchment area of Southeast Styria. The pilot phase of this project is from October 2007 until the end of June 2008. Zonta Club Feldbach, has implemented the project "helping people help themselves."


Increasing the quality of life, especially for socially and financially disadvantaged women, by strengthening their personal resources, and building a sustainable network of Women in the community and the municipality boundaries.


At our core, target group includes women of all age groups from the district Feldbach which

  • are socially disadvantaged
  • (almost) all parents are
  • are sole earners
  • The low-budget allocated area (maternity leave, emergency, AMS, or half-day, casual jobs with minimal income ,....)
  • due to their life circumstances in a problematic situation
  • would like to make more from their lives


"More life, more joy in life, more personal appreciation for women in the district Feldbach."

  • Self-esteem and self-esteem boost, increasing personal appreciation
  • Feeling strong (itself felt again), fun in life, learn to enjoy
  • Health consciousness build and strengthen (physical, psychological, mental and social health), for example: woman in everyday life, diet, exercise, relaxation and stress management, ...
  • Communication within the community and the municipality boundaries promote